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The Air Force Role in Developing International Outer Space Law

Delbert R. Terrill Jr.
1999, 155 pages
ISBN: 1-58566-066-3
Cost: $12, AU Press Code: B-69



Colonel Terrill provides an in-depth examination of the historical evolution of Air Force thinking and action on the development of international law as it applies to outer space. He traces the Air Force's continual resistance to treaties and other conventions that would have defined the demarcation of the "boundary" between airspace and outer space. He shows that the Air Force position was grounded in the unwillingness to define outer space narrowly before the military had thoroughly researched and tested technological capabilities that could be employed in space. Terrill concludes by raising concerns about current issues that come into play on efforts to refine international law as it relates to outer space. These issues include technological advances and possible future international cooperation in space ventures.


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